SURE Site 1A Area

SUREsite1A area
Sheep Bridge Road and JEM Trail
37°9'47.0"N 113°15'9.0"W
37.163056, -113.252500

SUREsite1A location

SUREsite1A is right on the Sheep Bridge Road. The pad area is a nice 50 foot diameter patch of dirt which is perfect for safe rocket blast-offs.

Caution is required though...
Immediatedly on the other side of the dirt patch is a revine with an immediate four foot drop to another 4 foot drop. There is shrapnel junk left from target shooters in this drop off area. So caution is required when recovering a rocket in that direction. There is broken glass in the dirt patch area near the road. So, while safe for blast-offs, caution must be taken not to step on broken glass or other shrapnel junk. Currently it is not suitable for night launches because of the junk hazards, as well as the uneven ground in most directions. It certainly is not suitable for children, especially in the dark. A major clean up would be in order to properly prepare the area for public daytime launches.

This site easily supports up to size G motors.