Proposed SUREsite2 Area

Investigated on: Friday, March 24, 2017

SUREsite2 exploration

1 - Marks initial GPS coordinates.
Nicely maintained gravel road. Lots of road edge parking.
100 yards North of road is a fence.
thumbs/IMG_20170324_142539.jpg.jpg thumbs/IMG_20170324_142607.jpg.jpg
2 - Southern Nevada Rocketry Waiver Area
Nicely maintained wide gravel road. Lots of road edge parking.
100 yards North of road is a fence.
thumbs/IMG_20170324_142850.jpg.jpg thumbs/IMG_20170324_142854.jpg.jpg
thumbs/IMG_20170324_142857.jpg.jpg thumbs/IMG_20170324_145148.jpg.jpg
3 - On the 4000N due South of the SNR waiver area
More diffuse clearing so off road parking is do-able.
Definitely further away from any fences.
Road is double track with some high centers.
thumbs/IMG_20170324_145153.jpg.jpg thumbs/IMG_20170324_145158.jpg.jpg
thumbs/IMG_20170324_145210.jpg.jpg thumbs/IMG_20170324_145216.jpg.jpg
4 - On the 4000N due South of Marks GPS
Road is a little rougher.
The area can be parked on. But the area is hillier.
There are steel posts in the ground every so often and some trap? structure.
Don't know if the posts are property markers, or trapper markers.
Needs follow up.
thumbs/IMG_20170324_145752.jpg.jpg thumbs/IMG_20170324_145755.jpg.jpg
thumbs/IMG_20170324_145759.jpg.jpg thumbs/IMG_20170324_145801.jpg.jpg
thumbs/IMG_20170324_145802.jpg.jpg thumbs/IMG_20170324_150012.jpg.jpg
thumbs/IMG_20170324_150017.jpg.jpg thumbs/IMG_20170324_150036.jpg.jpg
thumbs/IMG_20170324_150038.jpg.jpg thumbs/IMG_20170324_150040.jpg.jpg
thumbs/IMG_20170324_150041.jpg.jpg thumbs/IMG_20170324_150042.jpg.jpg
thumbs/IMG_20170324_150044.jpg.jpg thumbs/IMG_20170324_150045.jpg.jpg
thumbs/IMG_20170324_150047.jpg.jpg thumbs/IMG_20170324_150048.jpg.jpg
thumbs/IMG_20170324_150120.jpg.jpg thumbs/IMG_20170324_150202.jpg.jpg
thumbs/IMG_20170324_150520.jpg.jpg thumbs/IMG_20170324_150524.jpg.jpg
5 - A wash on the 4000N due South of the 4800N intersection.
Lots of open graded space. Not sure what it is.
On satellite maps it looks like a wash of sorts.
May be good place for some rocket activity but is lower than desert average.
thumbs/IMG_20170324_151017.jpg.jpg thumbs/IMG_20170324_151019.jpg.jpg