Southern Utah Rocket Club

NAR Section 831
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Our goal is to promote STEM model rocketry venues for youths of Southern Utah.

Having a local organization is paramount in safely participating in the fun hobby of rocketry.

The search for appropriate launch sites in Southern Utah has many complications. Besides the regulations imposed by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) there are geological issue to overcome, especially for launching rockets using motors larger than a size G.

It is not hard to find a field or park large enough to launch small model rockets. St. James Park is such a site. Finding larger sites for medium model rockets is harder due to the increase in population and tourism. Some previous sites have been taken over by developers. While other sites have been overrun by campers since BLM posted them as established camp sites.

Our efforts to locate and evaluate safe launch sites and respective FAA regulations are described in our Launch Sites.

The Southern Utah Rocket Club (SUROC) is a newly chartered club and is in the state of formation. If you are a Southern Utah Rocket Enthusiast, please join us in developing the rocketry community in Southern Utah.

Much of this website is also in formation. Can you contribute to this project?