Southern Utah Rocket Club

NAR Section 831
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Freedom Prep Academy STEM Expo - January 31, 2023

The new Freedom Prep Academy hosted their first STEM Expo.
Many local businesses were presenting.

Chris and Manning Butterworth represented Southern Utah Rocket Club (SUROC).

Aerotech and Quest was presenting as well.

High Power Launch Site - Jean Dry Lake>

Short Clip of Springfest Launch Control

Launch at Gould Wash Road

March 02, 2022

Jeff's scratch built rocket flying on AT G80.

Commemorating 50 years since landing on the Moon.

July 20, 1969 - July 20, 2019

Estes 1:200 scale Saturn V on Quest Q-Jet D16-4 Motor
St. George Hobby Town Launch at Turner Turf Farm

1st Club Meeting at St. James Park - November 2018

Alpha III Launching
Manning Launching Toms Alpha III

Alpha III Landing
Alpha III Landing

Star Rider Launching
Star Rider Launching

Quest UFO
Quest UFO Saucer